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8 Habits for Happiness

Easy ways to spark joy today


Are You Sleeping Too Much or Not Enough?

Researchers say seven hours per night is ideal

Balance and Toning Workout With Denise Austin

Firm muscles, improve balance in 10 minutes

How to Choose a Safer Sunscreen This Summer

Sun protection that’s good for you and the planet

7 Reasons Why Strength Training Is Key to a Long Life

Just an hour a week can increase your longevity

Skin Tags: What They Are and When To Remove Them

How to safely rid yourself of these harmless growths


Superfoods That Can Boost Your Energy

5 energizing foods to add to your grocery list

Top Wrinkle-Fighting Foods for Aging Skin 

Get your glow back with these antioxidant rich foods

8 Superfoods for Your Immune System

Add these protective powerhouses to your diet


Healthy Habits for Your Mind

6 Ways to Keep From Snapping When You're Angry

Experts suggest healthy ways to handle frustration

AARP Mental Health Resource Center

News, tools and tips on coping

This Is What a Panic Attack Feels Like

Older adults describe their symptoms

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