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Research on issues and topics of particular interest to the 50+.

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State-specific survey results and fact sheets concerning the 50+.

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Dive deeper with datasets and a tool to mine survey questions.

COVID Trends

COVID-19 research focusing on the pandemic's impact on older Americans.

Recently Released

Chicago Voters Weigh in on 2023 Mayoral Race

Chicago voters 50 and over want a mayoral candidate who is strong on crime, the economy, and essential services for older adults.

2023 Tech Trends and the 50+

Americans age 50+ have an appetite for technology, and may are in the market for replacements and upgrades.

Planning for a Successful Retirement, For People of All Ages

Successful retirement requires planning, not just to ensure financial and physical health but also emotional well-being.

Can I Pay My Health Care Costs?

Health care affordability, rising health insurance costs, and unexpected medical bills are a significant concern for older adults.

AARP Financial Security Trends Survey, Wave 2: Attitudes of Adults 30+

​Rising prices are taking a toll on workers, who are struggling to cover expenses, leading to changes in spending habits.

AARP Vital Voices Research, 2022–2024

AARP Vital Voices Research explores the needs and interests of the 45+ population across the states.

Women Entrepreneurs: Starting a Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Women age 40-plus who started a business during the COVID-19 pandemic are resilient, but they need support and training.

2022 Veterans in America Infographics

According to U.S. Census data, the U.S has about 19 million veterans, and roughly seven in ten are age 50 and older and earn a median income of $71,400.

Images Shape Attitudes About Aging

Research from AARP and the FrameWorks Institute offers recommendations for selecting images for a positive impact on perceptions.

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