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AARP’s weekly podcast The Perfect ScamSM tells the stories of people who find themselves the target of a scam. Host Bob Sullivan introduces listeners to those who have experienced scams firsthand, as well as professional con artists and leading experts who pull back the curtain on how scammers operate. 

The Perfect ScamSM is a project of the AARP Fraud Watch Network, which equips consumers like you with the knowledge to give you power over scams.

The Perfect Scam Presents: A Special Report on the Texas Elder Murders, Part 1

How ageism, by police and others, helped a Dallas-area impersonator and serial killer murder over two dozen women

A Special Report on the Texas Elder Murders: The Jewelry Box, Part 2

In part 2, when a woman is attacked, her description leads police to a man who’s been trespassing and posing as a maintenance worker. Could a victim’s jewelry box be the key to cracking the case?

A Special Report on the Texas Elder Murders: The Investigation, Part 3

In Part 3, the arrest of Billy Chemirmir and the identification of more victims confirm the suspicions of many family members. But will the trial bring the justice they deserve?

A Special Report on the Texas Elder Murders: The Conviction, Part 4

In Part 4, the last in the series, a new trial brings a conviction and a feeling of justice for family members, plus we discuss how ageism led to missed opportunities to prevent the tragedy.

Woman’s Inheritance Wiped Out in Crypto-Dating Scam

Niki Hutchinson joins a dating app to make connections but lands in a new type of romance scam

The Virtual Kidnapping of a Gymnast

When a mother gets a call claiming her daughter has been kidnapped, she and her ex-husband race against time

Why Gift Cards Are Gold Mines for Scammers, Part 2

We delve into whether retailers’ efforts to combat gift card fraud are successful

Why Gift Cards Are Gold Mines for Scammers, Part 1

Many people see the racks of gift cards as convenient last-minute gifts. But criminals see a tool to steal money

Recent MBA Wakes Up From Dream Work-From-Home Job

When her paychecks never show up, she begins to suspect the job is too good to be true

Don’t Answer That! Why Robocalls Are Still Big Business

Bob talks with the CEO of YouMail to learn why phone scams are still so common

Journalist Exposes Her Celebrity Fiancé

In part 2, Benita Alexander learns more deadly truths about the man she wanted to marry

Star-Studded Wedding Becomes Bride’s Worst Nightmare

In part 1, journalist Benita Alexander discovers a shocking truth about her celebrity surgeon fiance'

Tom and Dianne's Savings Disappear After Seeking Help

In part 2, after a computer hacking, a "bank fraud" investigator disappears with the couple's life savings

Computer Hacker Drains Couple's Life Savings

In part 1, a retired couple finds their life suddenly turned upside down when their computer is hacked

Community Discovers Champion Player Faked His Terminal Illness

In part 2, fellow dart players discover the ugly truth about Jeremiah Jon Smith

Dying to Be Ill Part 1: GoFundMe Scam Targets Dart Community

When a tournament player develops cancer, Darlene helps with fundraising, but begins to have doubts

Crypto Criminals Part 2: Experts Explain

Fraud experts discuss changes that are needed to protect consumers from cryptocurrency scams

Crypto Criminals Part 1: A LinkedIn Connection Gone Wrong

An investor invests and gains, but loses much more

Local TV Station Brings Attention to Zelle Fraud

In part 2 of this podcast, Lura seeks help from her community after losing funds for her business

Zelle Scam Threatens Baker’s Dream Business

In part 1 of this podcast, a call from a bank employee impersonator leads Lura to lose all of her savings

Inside the World of a Scam-Busting YouTuber

Scammer Payback shares stories and advice to help listeners avoid scams

Scams, Magic and the Art of Deception With Alexis Conran

Bob Sullivan talks with Alexis Conran, host of the show 'The Real Hustle'

Family Fights to Disentangle Loved One From a Scam

In part 2, cancer patient Matthew fears arrest. His family steps in to save him

Scammers Target Brain Cancer Patient

In part 1, Mathew searches online for relief from a fatal illness, but finds crooks instead

Investment Funds Finance a Lavish Lifestyle

In part 2, investors learn what Dominion Investment Group has been doing with their missing money

Radio Host Steals Millions in Retirement Funds

In part 1, when the FBI questions Daryl Bank’s investment group, clients realize something is up

Therin Miller Helps FBI Take Down His Business Partners

In part 3 of this podcast, Miller becomes an FBI informant to prevent an elaborate loan fraud scheme

A Luxury-Car Venture Becomes a Nightmare

In part 2 of this podcast, Therin Miller uncovers other crimes connected to Brent Holloway

National Guardsman Is Lured Into a Luxury Car Crime Ring

In part 1 of this podcast, Therin Miller details how a search for a roommate led to a Russian crime gang

Father Fails to Believe He is a Victim of a Lottery Scam

In part 2 of this podcast, Brad learns his father is now being used as a money mule

Lottery Victim Turns Money  Mule, Part 1

In part 1 of this podcast, Brad learns that his father, has sent thousands to criminals

Con Artist Steals Oregon Woman’s Property

Janet wants to donate her land to charity but soon learns the foundation for disabled veterans is a scam

Fraudsters Hijack Instagram Account to Steal Money From Followers

Impostors hack Tim's social media account and use it to con his friends

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Graphic illustration of Bob Sullivan

Bob Sullivan is an independent journalist and the author of five books, including New York Times Best Sellers, Gotcha Capitalism and Stop Getting Ripped Off! He spent nearly two decades working at and NBC News, where he created and wrote the popular Red Tape Chronicles blog, covering cybercrime, privacy, and other consumer issues. He has won a Peabody Award, a Society of Professional Journalists Public Service Award, and a Consumer Federation of America Consumer Media Service Award. He was the host of Breach, a podcast about history's biggest hacks, and So, Bob? a podcast about the unintended consequences of technology. He now writes The Red Tape Chronicles column at and can be reached at